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Surveillance.02 is presented and hosted by East Wing, and will run March 12 through April 30, 2015.

Surveillance.02 comprises the work of seven interdisciplinary artists whose practices incorporate camera, satellite, and drone to question corporate and state surveillance, and energy production. It represents the second in a series we initiated over a year ago in New York City. Fueled by curiosity, anger, and humor, these nervy artists are exploring wide-ranging methods and effects of surveillance, and remixing their findings as commentary. In particular, they are grappling with the human side of the global war on terror, exposing humanity’s permanent wounding of the environment, and engaging with systems of power and control. At the center of the tensions and anxieties they pursue are the major tangles of convenience & privacy, individual & type, freedom & security.

The presenting artists are:

Massimo Berruti — Hidden Wounds
Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin — Shtik Fleisch Mit Tzvei Eigen
Edmund Clark — Dulce et Decorum Est: Virtue Unmann’d PREMIERE!
Yann Mingard — Deposit
Jenny Odell — Land Marks
Tomas van Houtryve — Blue Sky Days

Premiering at this exhibition is a new piece by Edmund Clark titled Dulce et Decorum Est: Virtue Unmann'd, an audiovisual exploration of virtue and sacrifice in the context of drone strikes on tribal areas of Pakistan.

East Wing will also screen World Brain, a full-length film that operates as a hybrid of documentary, fiction, and how-to guide by assembling elements of science and folklore. Among the many subjects investigated are: data farms, the collective intelligence of kittens, high-frequency trading, and the law of the jungle according to Wikipedia.
Special screening: Tuesday, March 24 at 19:00.

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