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Surveillance is a series of exhibits and discussion events presenting interdisciplinary artists who are using camera, screen, data, and drone to question corporate and state business.

The shows attempt to create a conversation around three intertwined phenomena: 1) ongoing revelations about the reach of the government surveillance practices; 2) increasing public awareness about corporate data mining; and 3) evolving practices for how surveillance tools disclose social geography and production systems, and how they “see” Internet users as types vs. individuals.

The series also includes panels and talks with investigative journalists, policy analysts, and the artists.

As a topic and area of investigation, surveillance is a fugitive one—opaque, jargon-ridden, and by nature, elusive and virtual. On the one hand there is a frictionless morality to it and on the other it precipitates a steady stream of social, political, and environmental crises and anxieties. The time is right to assemble, in one space, the best of the art and thinking being occasioned by it.

With this in mind, the goals of the series are to identify the nuts and bolts of government and corporate surveillance by looking at the best of the art photographers, filmmakers, and data artists are making; to make what is opaque clear and concrete; and to illuminate its consequences and ambiguities so that people normally on the sidelines of it will better understand its language.