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Surveillance.01-USA ran at the Made in NY Media Center by IFP, April 3-25, 2014

The first show of the series assembled works by interdisciplinary artists and investigative journalists who are appropriating the tools of, and analyzing, surveillance--using camera, screen, data, and drone. Surveillance.01 was focused on drones, government surveillance, and appropriating satellite imagery of public and industrial infrastructure. Featured exhibits were:

Tracking Transience by Hasan Elahi
Blue Sky Days and In Drones We Trust by Tomas Van Houtryve
Satellite Landscapes and Satellite Collection by Jenny Odell
NSA Files: Decoded by Ewen MacAskill and Gabriel Dance / The Guardian US
Out of Sight, Out of Mind: A data visualization of US drone strikes by Wesley Grubbs / Pitch Interactive
Data (In)Security, Legal Rights, and Evading Surveillance, by Susan McGregor, Axel Arnbak, and Benjamen Walker: a panel discussion that covered topics related to surveillance and art making.

About launching Surveillance.01-USA curator Anna Van Lenten says, “We wanted to begin a consistent examination of both the art and commentary being produced in response to the stream of news stories coming out about surveillance. Fueled by anxiety, anger, and humor, artists are documenting the experience of ubiquitous surveillance, collecting data about our institutions of power and remixing it as commentary, exploring the consequences of our surveillling other countries and peoples, and offering tactics to evade detection and observation.”

Additional programming for Surveillance.01 by Brent Hoff and Ivan Sigal.